The NEO Game competition, hosted by NewEconoLabs and supported by NEO, was created to encourage game developers to become familiar with the NEO blockchain. NEO provides an excellent platform for blockchain based game development, with features such as fast transactions and digital asset support. NewEconoLabs hopes to foster a vibrant blockchain gaming community and ecosystem.


    The game must be related to blockchain technology, which means developing the game with blockchain technology.


    It must be games based on NEO blockchain.

    What needs to be put on the blockchain:

    1、Virtual assets need to be put on the blockchain: In-game assets such as virtual props, characters, and pets are managed with smart contracts and released on the blockchain, and are suitable for games where virtual assets are preserved and traded.

    2、Game behavior data need to be put on the blockchain: In addition to the asset class data, there are game behavior data, such as battle data, game results and other data need to be put on the blockchain and smart contract management, applicable to data publicity, competitive event organization, etc.

    3、Game logic needs to put on the blockchain: Some game logics are written in smart contracts and apply to games that need to publicize algorithms to show fairness. They can be combined with virtual assets and game behavior data.

    4、Other:Any relevant methods based on blockchain technology.


    1、The games must be a NEO blockchain-based game.

    2、The games must can be completely experienced, and there are no requirements on content depth,language and theme.

    3、The uploads should include a video that explains the game, 5 screenshots of the game.

    4、Demo/trial games’ address shall be provided (the address includes but is not limited to installation package, web link, etc).

    5、Source code of games’ smart contracts shall be shared through GitHub.

    6、The games must be original works which don’t infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights.


    The games submitted by participants must be original, and professional developers can submit integrated blockchain versions of existing premium games.


    The submitted games shall meet the standards of releasing, that is, the games can be completely experienced, and there are no requirements on content depth.


    Sign-up starts on May 1st and ends on August 15th. Works can be submitted during this period. Works are evaluated by judges from August 15th. And there will be a final awards presentation ceremony at the end of August(offline).


    The games are created by game developers under the guidance of the technical specifications of blockchain, and the application form is completely and accurately filled. No violation of any relevant laws of the People's Republic of China is allowed. No infringement of any third party intellectual property rights or other rights is allowed. And the organizer will cancel its eligibility upon discovery of violation or reported by the obligee. The judging panel reserves the right to reject any game.

Erik Zhang

Founder&core developer of NEO

Zhu Weiyu

NEO Global Capital Founding Partner

Cocos BCX& early investor serious game enthusiasts

Jason Liu

Founder of NewEconoLabs

Neo Name Service

Chen Mintao

Founder&CEO of MagicOranges

Deng Rong

Manager COO

Chairman of The Dream Technology


VP of CHUKONG Technology

Manager of ecology cooperation of Cocos-BCX

Wang Kuo


Former CTO of LayaBox

Liu Yifeng

Operation Diectior of XD Technology

Best Game Award

Best Game Award: Recognizing a game that delivers the absolute best experience across all creative and technical fields, including: content, player experience, artistic design, blockchain integration, and profitability from Testnet.

Blockchain Award

Blockchain Award: The game that best integrates blockchain into its product design and player experience.

Art Award

Art Award: The game with the highest overall artistic value including its design and animation, visual experience, and through its narrative development.

Game Creativity Award

Game Creativity Award: The game with the most creative vision and innovation in game direction and design.

Most Popular Award

Most Popular Award: In July, submitted works will be available to users who will vote on their favorite games. This award goes to the game with the most user votes.

Business Value Award

Business Value Award: The game that generates the most income running on Testnet.

Visual Effects Award

Visual Effects Award: The game with the most outstanding, creative, and technical achievement in its visual effects.

Design Effects Award

Design Effects Award: The game that excels in the in-game design of one or multiple systems, not considering its integration with blockchain.

Technical Effects Award

Technical Effects Award: The game that best applies blockchain technology.

(1)The organizer will contact you based on the winner's registration, account number and application information.

(2)All participants who enroll through this competition and upload the games shall be deemed to have understood and accepted the competition rules, the requirements for the games, the competition process, the scoring standards, the awards reception, etc. If copyright and other disputes occur, the rules of the competition shall prevail.

(3)Special statement: the organizer enjoys the final interpretation of the event. If this activity cannot be carried out for any reason, the organizer has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this activity.

(4)If, for technical reasons or there is no ability to complete the competition as planned, including computer virus infections, vulnerabilities, falsifications, unauthorized interventions, fraud, technical failures or any other reason beyond the control of the organizer, and therefore destroying or impacting the management, security, fairness, completeness or normal operation, the organizer may, based on its own independent judgment, reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or postpone this competition on its own. In this case, the organizer will post a notice on the official website and will implement the alternative program for awards.

1、Participants must provide true and correct information when registering for submission. All personal information provided by participants during the competition is solely applied for competition selection and awards. The organizer will keep all personal privacy confidential. In the meantime, participants must ensure that the information provided is true and valid.

2、The organizing committee will review each game in the background. The games approved in the review cannot be modified; the games that failed to pass will be returned to the developer for modification or re-uploading. Please pay close attention to the SMS, emails and official website announcements feedback by the judging panel.