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  • BlaCat Founder Sean Chen appeared at the NEO game competition awards ceremony

    Host Time:2018-09-10

    On the afternoon of August 31st, 2018, the NEO Game Competition Awards Ceremony and the BlaCat Conference were successfully held at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. The event was hosted by NewEconoLab (NEL), NEO Global Captial (NGC) and NEO Market Insight (NMI). Traditional and blockchain game industry leaders, domestic and overseas developer teams, investors, and industry media gathered to witness this blockchain game event.

    The first half of the event was the award ceremony for the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition. Overall, 39 projects were selected for the finals and were awarded by the judges. The second half of event was the launch of the NEO blockchain game platform, BlaCat. The founder of BlaCat, Sean Chen, publicly demonstrated the functions and technical features of the platform for the first time.

    BlaCat official website:

    The award ceremony for the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition.

    The major award winners were as follows:

    1) Technical Effects Award: Carry Battle

    Carry Battle integrates blockchain technology with card battle gameplay. Carry Battle simulates the Byzantine Generals Problem and features decentralized voting mechanisms. Built by an international team, Carry Battle is completely on-chain and demonstrates a deep understanding of the NEO blockchain at a technical level.

    2) Design Effects Award: Sky of mine

    Sky of Mine is a game in which players collect and fight with aircrafts that exist as unique digital assets on the blockchain. Players can win aircrafts through flight shooting, as well a trade them on the blockchain. The game also features social functions to allow players to chat with others during the game.

    3) Visual Effects Award: Armed Girls • Matrix

    Armed Girls • Matrix is a blockchain based arena battle game in which players use cards to determine their moves. Players can join an alliance, challenge bosses and enjoy the fun of battle to win tokens. The artwork is also a major feature of the game. One of the artists, SA, who painted the protagonist, also served as the main designer in the game Honkai3 from Miha Tech and participated in the design of Azur Lane.

    4) Business Value Award: Best Eleven

    Best Eleven is a football game that runs on smart contracts. In the game, players can run their own football clubs, compete in games against other players, and obtain revenue.

    5) Game Creative Award: Cell Evolution

    Cell Evolution is the first decentralized open world strategic game based on blockchain, in which all players become a “cell group”. The in-game behavior of players combined with blockchain based voting will determine whether cells either survive or die. Cell Evolution has won a joint investment of RMB ¥5 million, which is the first game in China to gain capital recognition.

    6) Art Award: NEO.Girl

    The predecessor of NEO.Girl was VR Girlfriend, developed by YYMOON Network. VR Girlfriend has achieved great success in the traditional game field with tens of millions of fans. The development of NEO.Girl was an upgrade to VR Girlfriend, combining the in-game economic system with blockchain technology, so that players can earn money whilst raising a girlfriend.

    7) Blockchain Award: BLOCKLORDS

    BLOCKLORDS won the first competition Nominee Award. It is a strategic war game in which players can train unique heroes, attack NPCs, travel and conquer different cities, buy and sell equipment items, attack players in other countries and rebel against their own country. The BLOCKLORDS team members are mostly international.

    8) Best Game Award & Most Popular Award: CardMaker

    In the week before the ceremony, CardMarker won the Most Popular Award with 9,223 community votes. It is a creative user-generated content game born out of the 2018 GameJam Indie Game Contest. Players can design cards, roles, levels and plots. The weak-centralized mechanism will allow for frequent interactions, where players can create and trade puzzles for others to appreciate. Developers will only create frameworks and allow players to create the designs, with smart contracts and the pass-through economy providing the perfect creative incentive.

    BlaCat introduction: Sean Chen, founder of BlaCat, talks about new ecology

    After the awards ceremony, Sean Chen shared his thoughts on the future prospects of the blockchain game industry and introduced BlaCat's solutions to the current pain points, including:

    1) The BlaCat SDK, which provides players with a light embedded wallet without dedicated browsers and plug-ins, and;

    2) The NEO-based high-speed multi-chain side chain, ZoroChain, which will solve the problem of congestion.

    Finally, Chen said that BlaCat platform will mature over the next six months to one year. He encouraged game developers and those in the gaming industry to promote the platform, because if there are no developers to build games, then the BlaCat SDK And ZoroChain will be useless. Furthermore, Chen said that blockchain games need the support of these two technologies, so the BlaCat platform hopes to have a positive relationship with game developers, find a win-win model and accelerate NEO game ecosystem growth to allow the blockchain game era truly enter the public life.

    It is reported that BlaCat platform is negotiating with the winning teams of the NEO game competition. Once agreements are reached, it will bring a large number of high-quality dApps to the platform in its early stages.