NEWS > The Most Popular Award of NEO game competition was announced

  • The Most Popular Award of NEO game competition was announced

    Host Time:2018-08-22

    Hosted by NewEconoLab and supported by NEO Foundation and NEO Market Insight (NMI) ,the final result of The Most Popular Award is now announced as follows:

    The winner of Most Popular Award is game Card Maker, with a total of 9223 votes.

    Click to check all works:

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    NEO is a non-profit community-driven blockchain project founded by DA Hongfei and Erik Zhang. It utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets and automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts. Using a distributed network, it aims to create a "smart economy". NEO was founded in 2014 and was open sourced on GitHub in June 2015. NEO believes that community development is its top priority. NEO has a huge developer community around the world, such as CoZ and NEL, who continuously contribute to NEO development. Millions of community members are active on Reddit, Discord, Github and Twitter.

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