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  • An Interview with Competition Participants | YYMOON: Earning money with your digital girlfriend

    Host Time:2018-08-15

    August has arrived, which means that the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition has entered its final stage. All the participants have worked hard to make their work more perfect before the deadline of the competition. For MoeJu Network, their aim is to make players feel beautiful, have fun and help them make some money playing their game Armed Girls • Matrix.

    As the competition draws to a close there has been a final surge of submitted works, covering almost all types of game categories such as the tower defense game Sect War, an investment simulation game called Cell Evolution and a strategy game, War of Starship. Today, we are going to introduce a relationship building type social game called NEO.Girl which is developed by YYMOON.

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    Committee: Hello, first we like to say congratulations! As far as I know, YYMOON is already an established game company and your past developed game VR girlfriend is quite popular with players. So how does it relate to your current NEO.Girl game?

    YYMOON: VR girlfriend is a mobile game developed by our company last year which has been well liked by many players since its launch and has been downloaded more than 2 million times. NEO.Girl is the core mobile phone game developed on the basis of VR girlfriend which combines blockchain technology with VR tech.

    Committee:How does the game exhibit blockchain technology?

    YYMOON: NEO.Girl will launch a total of 4000 sets of limited edition clothing and the built-in Trading Mall will allow the users to buy and sell these clothes. As the growth in the total number of users increases, the value of the limited edition clothes will continue to rise, then eventually the players can profit from selling them.

    Committee: Oh, awesome! So we can make money together with our digital girlfriends? What about the pricing of the limited edition clothes?

    YYMOON: The limited edition clothes will be sold to players at the lowest value first and then from there they can decide the price themselves.

    Committee: It's great to be able to make money but we think the key to gaining the attention of players will be to have attractive characters in the game. What efforts have you made in developing this aspect?

    YYMOON: NEO.Girl has a different market position than VR girlfriend. It is designed as an international product so we have remodeled the main character Luna to meet the common aesthetic needs of both Chinese and Western gamers. Also professional voice actors were invited to perform the dubbing to ensure the best audio-visual experience for the player.

    Committee:What are some of the ways that we will be interacting with the character?

    YYMOON: Players need to take care of Luna by preparing her clothes, food and other items. In return, Luna will make gifts to give back to the players and after being with her for some the game will gradually unlock more levels for players to experience.

    Committee:How do you promote affection for the character in the game, is it the same as in reality?

    YYMOON: Sending gifts for improving Luna's fondness in NEO.Girl is certainly necessary but as long as the player accompanies her on time every day his tenderness will get a quick boost even if he doesn't give her any expensive gifts.

    Committee:Will there eventually be more types of female characters to choose from?

    YYMOON: NEO.Girl will add a gene system via blockchain technology, allowing players to access and interact with more characters.

    Committee:Thank you for having this interview with us and looking forward to the official launch of NEO.Girl!

    YYMOON: We appreciate the NEO blockchain very much. The blockchain technology offered has enabled NEO.Girl to quickly complete the integration with blockchain. We will continue to create other great blockchain social type games.

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