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  • The first NEO Blockchain Game Sharing Meetup ended successfully

    Host Time:2018-08-07

    On August 4th, NEL associated with Bit.Game and and held the NEO Blockchain Game Sharing Meetup in Shanghai. The meetup mainly focused on the excellent project roadshow of NEO Game Competition, invited global industry leaders and outstanding participants of competition, and shared their experience.

    Speakers include:

    Chen Xi: Co-organizer and Founder of FunJumping

    Jia Wei: Co-organizer and VP of Growth & Marketing of Bit.Game

    Kyle Lu: Co-organizer and Founder & CEO of

    Benny: Special guest and Co-founder of CryptoKitties

    Terrence: Producer of Carry Battle

    Zhu Shijun: Producer of Japanese Mahjong

    Xu Mengran: Producer of Sky of Mine

    Li Xihao: Producer of BlockLord

    Zhou Yan: Producer of Anno Ark

    Yin Lingfeng: Producer of Interstellars

    Shen Xiuping: Producer of Card Maker

    Tai Wenlong: Producer of Armed Girls • Matrix

    1) Chen Xi from FunJumping

    As the initiator of meetup, he clarified the purpose of it to the audience first and followed by a brief introduction of NEO game competition and the upcoming NEO game distribution platform BlaCat.

    2) Jia Wei from Bit.Game

    Focusing on the theme of Bit.Game 's empowerment for blockchain games, she communicated the perspective of blockchain, status and pain points with developers then introduced project incubation, investment financing, and exchanges of Bit.Game.

    3) Kyle Lu from

    Kyle Lu introduced Dapp's ecology to attendees, and mentioned that's mission is to help dapps user adoption and hope to see more interesting projects appear on

    4) Benny from CryptoKitties

    Benny, the co-founder of CryptoKitties, attended meetup as a special guest and introduced development team of CryptoKitties. After the speech, Benny also answered questions from the audience and showed his understanding of blockchain technology and trends.

    5) Terrence from Carry Battle

    Terrence represented the Norchain team on the stage to share Carry Battle - a completely original card game. Its process of demonstrating between commanders, core data and logic are realized through NEO blockchain and smart contracts.

    6) Zhu Shijun from Japanese Mahjong

    Japanese Mahjong is an entry for Gotvg: It combines a card mahjong game with anime element. Players can develop their favorite girls and use their skills to fight in mahjong game. The high liquidity of chess game is also the core element after adding blockchain technology.

    7) Xu Mengran from Sky of mine

    Xu Mengran brought Sky of mine developed by his team. This is a 3D flying shooting game. Players win aircraft assets through flight shooting. The aircraft can trade in the chain to upgrade assets only through game behavior.

    8) Li Xihao from BlockLoad

    BlockLoad is the first entry of the NEO Game Competition which wins the Nominee Award. The unique asserts and hero's unique attributes will be stored in the blockchain. The equipment is also a unique digital asset. All battle data will also pass through the blockchain as well so as to allow players to track each battle, hero, and history of each item.

    9) Zhou Yan from Anno Ark

    According to Zhou Yan, Anno Ark will become the first online SLG game on the NEO blockchain. In the future, the earth will be covered by the ocean and human beings will live on the floating island. Each player has a floating island that can build a city, produce supplies, establish an army, and travel around the world. All operations of it are based on NEO Smart Contracts and all resources are freely traded.

    10) Yin Lingfeng from Interstellars

    Interstellars is a game world that is perpetual, determined by player's will, and has unlimited possibilities. Every action of player is creating or changing the game world. Players collect energy in it, occupy chain assets such as the planet, and have eternal ownership.

    11) Shen Xiuping from Card Maker

    Card Maker gives card design to player who can set cards, characters, levels, and plots. Player's design will bring a high level of interaction and will also provide puzzles for others. Shen Xiuping said that blockchain technology provides them perfect value assurance and creative incentives, just like NEO.

    12) Tai Wenlong from Armed Girls • Matrix

    Armed Girls • Matrix is the last entry on the day of meetup. It is a casual sports game based on blockchain, the core of which is the strategy-based battle gameplay. Tai Wenlong said that the biggest feature of it is the battle-mining union BOSS annihilation system.

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