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  • Nominee Award of NEO Game Incentive Plan for the first week of August was announced

    Host Time:2018-07-30

    In the first week of August, NEO Game Incentive Plan was still greeted with active responses from participants. As of 5th August 2018, six entries have been approved. The results are announced below:

    Nominee Award for the first week of August

    Number of winners : 6

    Bonus: 10,000 RMB /each (issued in GAS)

    Winner 1

    Armed Girls • Matrix

    Developer:MoeJu Games

    Game introduction: Armed Girls • Matrix is a casual sports game based on blockchain. Its core gameplay is the strategy-based card combat including Blockchain based non-incremental economy system, determination and trading of game assets, Union BOSS annihilation system and community based on blockchain.

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    Winner 2

    Fairy valley

    Developer:Wang Chenjia, Miu Jiaqi

    Game introduction: Fairy valley is a strategy card game based on NEO blockchain. The game uses the self-developed Fairy Smart Contract and Sgas contract provided by NEL community to realize equivalent exchange of gold coins and SGAS. Enter the Fairy valley, hunt fairies, and buy and sell them in the market to get gold coins. Players can use the element to strength fairies then send them to arena, the winner will receive a generous reward. All assets, including gold coins, elves, elements, and tickets required for hunting, are all chained which protects security and non-destructive nature of assets.

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    Winner 3


    Developer:Qiu Wei

    Game introduction: The countdown to the end of each round of game is set to 24 hours. Players can bet GAS in prize pool. 20% of each bet will be directly allocated to players who have already joined the game. Distribution ratio is determined by proportion of each player's contribution to the prize pool; 79% will be placed in the prize pool; 1% will be owned by the developer. The countdown will be reset for each bet. When the countdown is over, the last bet player will receive 25% of the total GAS in the entire prize pool. The remaining 75% is allocated to all players participating in the current round based on the contribution of each player to the prize pool.

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    Winner 4


    Developer:FishOne Studio

    Game introduction: FishOne is a fishing game that runs digital assets on blockchain contracts. The fishery is one of the digital assets. After purchasing the fishery on the platform, players can open up a fishing game in their own fishery. Fisherman can set proportion of commission within the fixed interval. Through long-term operation of different proportion of commission, fisherman can certainly earn more profits.

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    Winner 5

    Paradise Island Chess

    Developer:Crypto Labs

    Game introduction: Paradise Island Chess is a blockchain game connected to NEOGAMESDK. You can open the wallet directly in game and perform 1:1 equivalent exchange between Gas and Sgas. You can use Sgas to purchase game assets (diamonds). Assets are controlled by MJ smart contract management so as to protect security of player assets. In addition to the traditional chess, game data includes the starting deck, playing process, ending card and other information are all stored in the chain, and visually disclosed to players.

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    Winner 6

    Best Eleven


    Game introduction: Best Eleven is a football game that runs digital assets on blockchain contracts. As a club manager of a football team in the game, players can get resources through continuous competition and establishment of team then recruit better players and improve the team. In game, players can run their own football clubs, open to other players to conduct games and get commission, and obtain digital asset currencies through participating in business.

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