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  • Nominee Award of NEO Game Incentive Plan for the fourth week of July was announced

    Host Time:2018-07-30

    In the fourth week of Juy, NEO Game Incentive Plan was still greeted with active responses from participants. As of 29th July 2018, five entries have been approved. The results are announced below:

    Nominee Award for the last week of July

    Number of winners : 5

    Bonus: 10,000 RMB /each (issued in GAS)

    Winner 1

    Card Maker


    Game introduction: As a UGC card game, we let players design their own game. We firmly believe that in traditional CCG/TCG field, many players will be more professional than us. Through Card Maker, players can design game themselves, including but not limited to cards, characters, levels, and plots. The player's design will bring a high level of interaction, and levels you designed will also provide puzzles for designers. We only provide you with a stage just like values and incentives provided by blockchain technology.

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    Winner 2



    Game introduction: INTERSTELLARS is a world that is sustainable, determined by players and has unlimited possibilities. Every action of player is creating or changing its world. In the first stage, players need to explore in the universe, discover stars, occupy them, and extract energy. With the joint efforts of players, the entire galaxy will be discovered. When the galaxy process reaches 100%, the second phase is opened. The Star Development Committee will be formed and the functions of planetary construction, spacecraft construction, and exchanges will be gradually opened. Players can collect energy and occupy the normal chain assets such as the planet.

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    Winner 3

    Lance Magic School

    Developer:Lu Haitao

    Game introduction: This game is a simulation of the theme game software for the youth campus, the player will experience a wonderful youth time. Players can do a variety of work in game, earn money to upgrade or buy a variety of gifts, props; can smash the levels, experience different plots and unlock hidden plots; can also join the company and work together with other players so as to enhance company's strength. The virtual currency in the game is deeply integrated with blockchain technology.

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    Winner 4

    Carve Love on Blockchain

    Developer:Sunil Patel

    Game introduction: "Love on NEO" is the game dedicated to lovebirds who want to learn about how much his or her partner knows about other self. Gamer will be able to create question and answers onto website and will share link another person. Link once received user will be allowed to click on it and will be allowed to answer questions. User's message along with all the questions would be carved to NEO eternally.

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    Winner 5


    Developer:Norchain team

    Game introduction: Devourer is a blockchain gam developed by Norchain team and is currently participating in the NEO Blockchain Competition. It highly integrates blockchain technology with original and concise gameplay. Its core data and logic are implemented through NEO blockchain and smart contracts.

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