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  • Nominee Award of NEO Game Incentive Plan for the second week of July was announced

    Host Time:2018-07-17

    In the second week, NEO Game Incentive Plan was still greeted with active responses from participants. As of 15th July 2018, three entries have been approved. The results are announced below:

    Nominee Award for the second week of July

    Number of winners : 3

    Bonus: 10,000 RMB /each (issued in GAS)

    Winner 1

    "Japanese Mahjong"

    Developer: gotvg

    Game introduction: "Japanese Mahjong" was submitted by gotvg. Blockchain technology feature is integrated into the card game of mahjong. Players can develop their favorite girls and use their skills to play the mahjong game. Blockchain technology empowers the board game with high liquidity, which is its core element. Its core data and logic are realized through NEO blockchain and smart contracts.

    Github address:

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    Winner 2

    "Star pop"

    Developer: Beijing Mingyou Technology Co., Ltd.

    Game introduction: "Star pop" is a 3D casual game featuring elimination function for players to experience star life. Players can improve their own attributes, encounter various challenges, achieve various goals through elimination, and unlock a variety of endings. It uses a realistic 3D art style, which can not only cultivate your own abilities, but also make various changes to fight for star. The economic system in game is acquisition and consumption of gold coins, which adopts a model that is closely integrated with blockchain.

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    Winner 3

    "Sky of mine"

    Developer: Mengran Xu

    Game introduction: It is the first 3D flight shooting game implemented on NEO. Players can shoot to win aircraft assets on chain, and aircrafts can be used to upgrade synthetic trades on chain, which allows game assets to appreciate in value only by playing the game.

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    About the "NEO Game Incentive Plan"

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