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  • An Interview with Competition Participants | Yu Sen: From robotics to games development

    Host Time:2018-06-15

    The registration for the NEO Blockchain Game Competition has passed halfway. As of today's official statistics, the number of participating teams has exceeded 50, of which half of team's works will be completed in the near future and will be publicly displayed on official event page.

    The NEO Blockchain Game Competition official page:

    【The NEO Blockchain Game Competition starts registration】

    In fact, many teams had been developing in the game industry for many years before, so even though it was the first time to try blockchain games, it was still able to adapt to new areas faster. Of course, a few teams did not have game development experience. As a game “freshman”, they used their own resources to participate in competition and added some surprise and expectations for it.

    Today, event organizer is to introduce such a "freshman" team, main members of it are from artificial intelligent robot industry, they want to customize blockchain game in the way of artificial intelligence. The following is a dialog between organizer and team leader Yu Sen.

    ● A cross-border game from AI robotics team

    Organizer: Hello, thank you for taking the time to receive our interview. Could you briefly introduce your team and work?

    Yu Sen: Our team mainly comes from artificial intelligent robot industry. We have many years of research and development experience in robotics and artificial intelligence. This time our game “AI Soccer Master” is also related to artificial intelligence robots, hoping to combine AI with blockchain. Combination of technologies can not only change current stereotyped status of blockchain games, but also promote long-term and healthy development of artificial intelligence technologies.

    Organizer: As a leader in the field of AI robots, what is your motivation for attracting you to participate in the NEO Blockchain Game Competition?

    Yu Sen: As one of high-performance platforms in blockchain industry, NEO can not only meet the requirements of our entire project, but also can leverage its industry influence and strong support for ecological participants, which contributes to the further development of our project.

    Organizer: “AI Soccer Master” seems to combine AI robot technology from its name, what is the benefit to game itself?

    Yu Sen: Specifically, the artificial intelligence technology we introduced this time is a distributed artificial intelligence technology. Each agent is a simulation robot that can play football, that is, an agent, which forms a branch by these agents. The team can allow them to compete independently, score more goals then win. Based on AI technology, we want to make each soccer robot an AI-capable digital asset produced by developers through blockchain technology, trade and play among ordinary players. Combined with a comprehensive set of token economic models, a closed-loop AI technology trading market is eventually formed. In short, blockchain games, in my opinion, must be based on token economy model on blockchain, combined with AI technology, transform digital assets into virtual lives, become digital assets that can create assets, and eventually form a virtual environment, which is the future direction of development.

    ● Diversified gaming experience to different people

    Organizer: Currently, blockchain game in the market is simple and homogenous. Is there any breakthrough in the issue of AI Soccer Master?

    Yu Sen: I think there are two breakthroughs: First, at present, most blockchain games are in a pattern of playing drums and flowers. The more backward, the higher risk to players and the lower participation, resulting in lack of long life games. After introduction of AI technology, original digital assets have added a layer of use value in addition to value generated through transactions. When players use AI digital assets, that is, when AI participates in competitions, they can also bring value to them. Therefore, vitality of game will be more permanent. Second, AI technology can make digital assets evolve into virtual life, and virtual life can move autonomously in games (similar to Traveling Frogs 旅かえる). In the case of full participation, it can also create value for host without requiring owners (gamers).

    Organizer: I have a question that everyone is concerned about because game is not yet online. Could you tell us in advance main gameplay?

    Yu Sen: There are four kinds of gameplay in our game, and it is not a game in traditional sense. Players choose one or more kinds of gameplay according to their own conditions, or what role they play: 1) Developers. Programmers who develop soccer robots, sell developed robot programs (ie players) to managers; 2) Managers. Edit players to team then lead team to game to get bonus, but also can sell them to other managers; 3) Course owner. Operate a football match course, a PC (i7, 8G memory is available) can run a game, manager needs to pay course owner a certain token; 4) Live broadcaster. Live broadcaster need a server on public network that allows users to connect to watch the live. Manager also needs to give player a certain amount of tokens. However, if manager’s game is awesome, it can earn token from live party.

    【Schematic diagram of blockchain game "AI Soccer Master"】

    Organizer: In this case, the gameplay of "AI Soccer Master" also takes development, currency circle and players’ needs into consideration. Do you have any predictions on the final ranking for competition?

    Yu Sen: Because there are more technical difficulties in this area that need to be broken, I can only say that I will do my best.

    ● Not only live in the World Cup, subsequent iterations update

    Organizer: As we all know, once the World Cup is over, the vast majority of football games will also "dead". Will "AI Soccer Master" be one of them?

    Yu Sen: Of course not, most of the football games are for the World Cup, but our game is parallel to the human world. It creates a football world with virtual life. This world will be played by many players. Participate in self-evolution to maintain its permanent vitality.

    Organizer: In addition to the content of the first edition of game, could you share other plans for subsequent iteration of "AI Soccer Master"?

    Yu Sen: Follow-up we will introduce more gameplay, such as allowing players to increase physical value of AI soccer players in the game through sports. You can also associate bars and other places i game with actual bar. Players’ consumption in game can enjoy real-world discounts that combine it with virtual one. I believe that when our vision is to create a virtual world, there will be infinite imagination for our exploration.

    Organizer: Yes, thank you for your cooperation with this interview. In the last gossip, what combination of smart robots and blockchain technologies you know will affect human society in the future?

    Yu Sen: AI technology as a productivity will make blockchain a technology that will change production relations and play a greater role. At the same time, blockchain will also promote rapid development of AI in short term, and in the future it will also be to constrain AI without evil deeds.

    With the end of this interview, the NEO Blockchain Game Competition has entered white-hot stage, and more development teams have signed up for entries in succession. An early-entry team like Yu Sen will soon finish their work, and look forward to the results. Of course, regardless of the final results, it will not be the end for them, it is only the beginning of the dream. The entire blockchain game still has a long way to go, no one can predict the future form.